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Should You Put Your Business on YouTube?

Video may have killed the radio star but when it comes to online marketing, it can literally be a lifesaver when it comes to your small business. Trust me- the most frequent comment I got from clients when I was fitness coaching was “I found you on YouTube.”

If you’ve been wondering whether to put your brand/business on YouTube, it all comes down to 4 very simple questions.

#1: Do you sell a product?

Video is the perfect way to showcase your products- from product demonstrations, to how-tos, all the way to user testimonials and reviews- videos are MUCH more compelling than any blog post. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

#2: Do you sell a service?

Want to know the secret to fast tracking your way through the whole Know, Like, Trust factor (you know- the one where people need to feel as if they know, like and trust you BEFORE opening their wallet to buy)? Seeing and hearing you in action. This is true whether you’re selling a...

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10 Must Haves for List Building

Ask any experienced online marketer what activity is most vital to their business and they’ll most often say “growing [+ nurturing] my email list.”

Your email list is going to be your MVA (most valuable asset)- and it’s not just for the emails you’ll send out to your list. You can use this list to run smartly targeted ads – either through Google, Facebook, Instagram or whichever social media platforms open up to advertisers.

And it’s not just online marketers who are prizing email addresses- it’s big box retailers, small businesses with a physical location, pretty much anyone selling anything or any service SHOULD be devoting a good chunk of their marketing time/effort/money on consistently growing their email list.

Keep in mind, though, as with most things, you should value QUALITY over quantity (which is why it’s never ever ever a good idea to buy email lists). You don’t just want anyone to be on your email list –...

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All About Online Course Platforms | Why I Chose Kajabi

If you’re someone who knows a whole lot about a particular subject and would LOVE to make money by sharing that knowledge in the form of an online course, you should read this blog post - or if you're in a big hurry or don't like to read, just watch the video below 

If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about and have never heard of online courses before have I got news for you…online courses (or online learning or e-learning as they’re sometimes called) are marvelous ways you can learn just about anything.

Whether you want to speak a new language, start your own food truck business, play a musical instrument, clean up your nutrition, perfect your public speaking skills, improve your relationship or even know how to perform CPR on dogs, chances are you can find an online course that’ll teach you how to do it!  

And yes, these are all ACTUAL online courses. Cool, right?

 If you’re someone who knows HOW to do a...

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