Ready to ROCK your business?

Well then, kick off those shoes, grab an espresso (or wine if you've got a bottle handy) and get ready to dig in because we've got some work to do.

Before we get rolling, allow me to put on my official pants + introduce myself.

I'm Petrina Hamm and I help entrepreneurs market their products or services with MORE heart, less hustle. If you're ready to attract MORE ideal clients,  I'm ready to show you how (and it's a lot less complicated than you think).

You don't need to sacrifice a boatload of time + money for your business to be successful. 

Although there are no true shortcuts, there are smarter paths (with more beautiful scenery and less road hazards along the way) to take and I'm here to help guide you.

So let's get started, shall we? 

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If you’re wondering "who in the heck is this person and why should I give her my email address?", this section is just for you.

I don’t want to enter your inbox uninvited…and certainly not without you getting to know me a little bit.

The nutshell version (kicking off with a series of confessions):

I don't have naturally purple hair.

I'm painfully shy + awkward around strangers.

I haaaaaaate selling. I mean, raise your brow and gnash your teeth "I'd rather get a double root canal" levels of hatred. 

That was until I learned something BIG...

Selling doesn't feel icky when you stop pitching- and start sharing

I started my business in 2011 with ZERO marketing knowledge, ZERO clients and ZERO budget (and that afore-mentioned deep hatred for all things salesy). 

I jumped into a network marketing opportunity mainly for the discount. But I also had a secret desire to become successful at it. To be able to say "goodbye" for good to the corporate world and work from home on my own terms + on my own schedule.

But I didn't want to live the life of a "salesperson."

I didn't want to continually pester my friends and host parties where I'd guilt trip them into buying something from me. 

I most certainly didn't want to randomly friend request people on Facebook and immediately start trying to recruit them to "join my Team" or "buy my stuff." 

I tuned out the standard advice and training materials- and instead focused on the reason I wanted a discount in the first place. I genuinely loved the company's products.

So I shared this love. I documented my struggles, my triumphs, my results. 

I learned the ins and outs of effective + authentic online marketing.

I forged genuine connections.

I couldn't afford a graphic designer so I figured out how to build a website on my own.

Without a dime to spend on advertising, I determined I needed to not only "put myself out there" on social media + YouTube- but I also needed to provide good, valuable and informative content.

Before long this thing I  had done "just for the discount" became a full-fledged business. 

Fast forward to now, I’ve (happily) served thousands of clients. I've written a book on weight loss with "Cheeseburger" in the title (true story- look it up on Amazon). My YouTube channel has racked up over a million views. 

You want to know why you should work with me to improve your business?

Quite simply- Because I’ve been there and done that. 

I’ve built an online business from the ground up. I turned that ZERO into thousands. 

Want to know a secret? I’ve actually had FUN doing it- and you should too.


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