Get Your Business on Video in 5 Days [Mini-Course]

If you've been putting off making videos for your business, now's the time to get your big girl pants on + hit record. This mini-course will show you how- from tech, topics, scripting, recording, editing to sharing.

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Give Your Channel a Makeover [Service]

Got a YouTube Channel? Perk it up with a makeover using a comprehensive personalized Channel Audit. You'll also get Optimization tips for 4 video topics of your choice so that they're more easily found by your ideals.

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Brand Starring You [10 Lesson Course]

This is my SIGNATURE course - showing you step-by-step how to build a beautifully branded YouTube Channel, fill it up with GREAT content designed to attract your ideal clients +  optimize your videos like a boss. ;-)

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If you want to rock it on YouTube without breaking a sweat, the Rock the Tube Kit is the way to go. What's included (all of the above!): Get Your Business on YouTube in 5 Days Mini-Course, You Tube Channel Audit with 4 Video Optimization Report AND the cherry on top- Brand Starring You (my complete YouTube Course for Marketers). Save $100 when you get 'em all together in a pretty bundle.

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Custom A La Carte Services

Optimize Your Video

Got a video idea or a YouTube video that's not performing well? Let me help you improve optimization with a customized report providing you title, tags and phrases to use in your description AND ways to improve optimization AFTER you upload.

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YouTube Channel Audit

Give your YouTube channel a boost with a customized Report detailing how you can improve your channel's overall appearance and performance. I'll review your channel + provide comprehensive guidance that'll get your channel rocking.

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Optimization 4 Pack

Get a month's worth of content optimized with this 4 video optimization report. Give me 4 video topics and I'll give you a customized report with title, tags, description phases AND ways to improve optimization AFTER you upload for all 4 topics.

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